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We provide you the most Important English Vocabulary helpful for Competitive Bank Exams. Learn English vocabulary like root words, words list meaning for IBPS PO, Clerk, RRB, SBI & other competitive bank exams English preparation part 2….


1. Contour (noun)
Meaning– the outline of a figure or body; the edge or line that defines or bounds a shape or
Meaning in hindi- समोच्च
Synonyms- form, lines, lineament, shape, curve. figuration,.
Antonyms- part, letter, commoner.

2. Repercussion (noun)
Meaning- A widespread indirect or unexoected effect
Meaning in hindi- अप्रत्यक्ष प्रभाव
Synonyms- backlash, impact, reverbation
Antonyms– helpness, impotency, weakness

3. Guise
Meaning- A way of seeming or looking that is no true or real
Meaning in Hindi- स्वांग, भेष
Synonyms– pretense, semblance, facade.
Antonyms- Reality, verity, unveil, evince

4. Zealots
Meaning- A person who is fanticial and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious
political, or other ideals.
Meaning in Hindi- कट्टरपंथी
Synonyms- Fanatic, diehard, radicul, bigot, enthusiast.
Antonyms- Moderate, atheist, heretic

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5. Disengage verb
Meaning- to pull back from a person or thing.
Meaning in Hindi- छुड़ाना
Synonyms- disconnect, disunite, untie, extricate, dissociate, uncouple.
Antonyms– gather, bind, collect, combine

6. Turbulent
Meaning- being in a wild or disordered state.
Meaning in hindi- अशांत
Synonyms- bitter, blustery, furious, stormful, thunderous, restless,
Antonyms- gentle, smooth, moderate, kind, calm.

7. Ousted
Meaning- to banish or kick out.
Meaning in hindi– बेदख़ल
Synonyms- evict,fire, remove, eject, unseat.
Antonyms– hire,allow,give,hold,keep, welcome.

8. Dalliance
Meaning– A period of brief involvement
Meaning in Hindi- अल्प भागीदारी
Synonyms- Attaichment
Antonyms– Alienation, aversion, dislike

9. Allegiance
Meaning– loyalty or commitment to a group
Meaning in Hindi निष्ठा, वफादारी
Synonyms- Faithfullness
Antonyms- Treason, betrayal.


10. Stem From
Meaning- to be caused by.
Meaning in Hindi- से उत्पन्न होना
Synonyms- Arise from.
Antonyms- perish


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